What's in my bag 2016

March 12, 2016  •  2 Comments

No excuses! It's been too long since I did a new blog post, my apologies.

I've been really humbled by the comments through social media and through my website asking when the next blog post or video would be up. I'm honoured that people are interested in what I get up to!

I've recently had a lot of comments about a video I actually filmed nearly 2 years ago. It my 'What's in my bag video' where I showed how I shoot sports on a (reasonable) budget. Since then I have changed quite a lot, some gear has been upgraded, some of needs have changed and I've also had a bit more sports photography work come my way, meaning I can upgrade the gear.

I thought I would start off 2016 by doing an up to date version of that same video showing the gear I use now and looking a bit at the differences between now and then, I've also tried to touch on the reasons for the changes.

I hope you guys find it interesting. I promise it won't be as long until the next blog post is up!

Thanks for watching






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