Rob Sambles Photography | Photography in the rain and staying dry!

Photography in the rain and staying dry!

September 15, 2015  •  3 Comments

Football season starts in earnest this weekend for me with a game on Friday evening and then another on Saturday morning. Unfortunately the forecast is looking a little ropey!

Shooting football in the UK, means that you spend a fair bit of your time cold and wet, now cold doesn't necessarily cause too many issues so long as you wear plenty of clothes. Rain however causes no end of problems, image quality is effected of course, but I'm mostly talking about the issues surrounding being wet! I hate shooting in the rain, it makes me uncomfortable, nervous about my gear, I lose concentration and I generally feel rubbish. All of this detracts from me getting decent shots.

This season I've tried to plan ahead and get ready before the rain actually becomes a regular feature, although it looks like its starting early this year.

I was packing all of my wet gear into a bag today ready for the weekend and I thought I'd put together a blog post about how I shoot in the rain. There are certainly of other ways and if your budget is limitless you could get more efficient gear for the job, but for me this works!

Thanks for watching.







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